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Meditorch Technologies is a promising and fast-growing health-tech company with a team of dedicated and accomplished leaders in the fields of medicine and technology. Founded in 2012, Meditorch is committed to provide universal unique solution to the medical fraternity all over the globe through its various products.


In our attempt to provide best healthcare solutions, Meditorch has introduced a variety of unique and innovative platforms such as – HospitalBuy, Dissect, Lapguru, ENTGuru, OrthoGuru.


Meditorch’s, HospitalBuy is an online marketplace that aims to provide deeper understanding and buying of medical devices and supplies. While checking for various products, buyers can check the Surgery video or Demo videos which can help him easily acquire detailed information about the product.


In our attempt to help surgeons make informed decisions about products, HospitalBuy offer focused advertising of medical devices that resonates with a surgery video.


All our videos on our eCME platforms come equipped with device tagging feature which is very useful for viewers who may have queries about the use of that instrument. In addition, every surgery video featured on our eCME website has an extensive list of OT instruments used in that surgery. While, checking out products on HospitalBuy, the products will be linked to our eCME portals to get educated in detail.

With features like ‘Talk to Expert’, the Buyer can get the required guidance throughout the procurement process making the procurement experience much simpler.

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