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Cut Out Confusion! Choose The Right OT Table With This Simple Guide

BY HOSPITALBUY August 30, 2022 Uncategorized

Operating tables, also known as surgical tables, are used in the operating room to position the patient during surgical procedure ensuring patient comfort.

Today, with evolving technology, different types of operating tables are now being designed based on different specialties to allow greater work comfort for surgical staff.

The engineers and designers are making them in a way that allows for attachment of various accessories like arm boards, leg boards, head rests, etc., that provide the patients with additional support.

Now, with so many options available in the market, it is becoming more challenging to choose the right one. To make your task easy, let’s start by looking at some of the amazing features of modern operating tables that help you make the right choice, #1 being the most important one:

1)Patient Positioning

Improper patient positioning during surgery can increase the risk of physiological damage to a patient. This is because the positioning directly affects the hemodynamics of the body, including how far the patient’s head is inclined from the level of heart. Hence, the modern OT tables come with different attachments like head rest, arm, and leg boards, etc., to guard patient safety.

2)Automatic/Motorized Control

Modern OT tables provide distinct types of hybrid options for automated or motorized control. This provision avoids unnecessary stress of physical accidents associated with manual operations. Surgical staff can easily and safely reposition patients with the push of a button.

3)Weight-Bearing Capacity

The requirements of weight-bearing capacity differ based on the type of surgery. For instance, bariatric patients undergoing weight loss procedures need tables with a weight capacity of at least 300 kgs. In addition, the tables are made more sturdy to allow flexible positioning and height adjustments.

Types of OT tables

OT tables are designed to suit different surgical needs. Here are some common varieties of OT tables available in the market:

Universal/General Surgery Table:

This category of tables is specially designed to provide accessible and comfortable patient positioning for a wide variety of general surgery procedures that include cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, plastic surgeries. They come with incredible adaptability, making them adjustable to height, length, and position.

Specialized Operating Tables: These are designed specifically for selected surgical specialties, such as:


  • Orthopedic operating tables – are made compatible with traction frames and leg holders which allow for easy handling and maneuvering, allowing the surgeon to move the patient comfortably.
  • Ophthalmic operating tables – come with specific headrest and convertible designs to allow specific patient positioning required for eye surgery.
  • Bariatric operating tables – have a good weight bearing capacity and allow attachment of various accessories required for all types of bariatric surgeries.

Operating tables can also be distinguished depending on the source of power used to control various settings like inclination, height, movement of headrest, etc. Based on this, they can be of three types:


  • Hydraulic operating table: It is powered by a hydraulic system and its functions are controlled by a pedal.
  • Electric operating table: In this, all the table movements are carried by an electric actuator that works on external power or battery and the table functions are controlled by a remote control. In addition, it also has a sliding top and a C-ARM function.
  • Electro-hydraulic operating table: These tables can be operated using both electric and hydraulic power sources.

Before making the final call, here are some striking points to note:


  • Being a major distributor of OT equipment in India, HospitalBuy wants you take account of some technicalities before you click on the “Buy Now” button, such as:
    1. Space requirement: Check whether the external dimensions of the table allow for its free movement within the space allotted in your operating room.
    2. Power supply: For electric OT tables, you must ensure that you have a power outlet nearby.
    3. Accessory compatibility: It is essential to check whether the table is compatible with the required accessories such as IV stand, leg holders, traction frame, etc.
    4. Patient safety: Patient’s safety should be your topmost priority. Check the framework of the operating surface that should allow easy cleaning, height-adjustments, patient positioning and work comfort.
  • Next, you should look for a table indicated for your specialty. At HospitalBuy, you can see a huge variety of OT tables indicated for various surgeries such as general surgery, bariatric surgery, ENT surgery, gynecological surgery, ophthalmic surgeries, orthopedic surgery etc.
  • For imaging purposes, you can look for hybrid tables that allow attachment of imaging accessories.
  • Finally, investigate the ergonomic side – whether the operating table provides comfort to the surgical staff. On our platform you can explore a wide range of ergonomically designed operating tables built to prevent the risk of occupational hazards such as back or body pain that are frequently seen.

From a huge variety of OT tables, our team of experts can help you narrow down your choices that suit your hospital needs. For further queries, talk to our product specialists and get the right guidance for operating tables now!

Meditorch’s, HospitalBuy is a trusted online distributor of innovative medical devices and equipment that uses a customer-centric approach to help surgeons make informed decisions about products and services.

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