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Endovision System

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HD Camera


LED Light Source

Fibre Optic Cable

Hand Instruments

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Resectoscope Inner sheath and Outer sheath with Obturator

Resectoscope sheath, continuos flow with rotatable inner sheath and blunt Oburator

Resectoscope Active Working Element

Resectoscope Passive Working Element

Cysto / Hysteroscope

Monopolar Electrode Cutting Loop

Monopolar Electrode Roller Ball

Monopolar Electrode Knife Angled

Bipolar Electrode Cutting Loop

Cystoscope Sheath

Single Channel bridge for Cystoscopic Sheath

Double Channel bridge for Cystoscopic Sheath

Endoscopic Biopsy Forceps

Endoscopic Scissors

Endoscopic Grasping Forceps

Endoscopic Stone Crushing Forceps

Toomey Syringe

Ellik Evacuator Silicon Bottle

High Frequency Cord

Guide Wire

Monopolar Cable

Bipolar cable

Other Equipment

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Energy Device

Irrigation Pump

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