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Infant Radiant Warmers: How is it Different than Incubators in Minimizing Neonatal Deaths Due to Hypothermia

BY HOSPITALBUY November 16, 2022 Uncategorized

In India, the lack of attention to thermoregulation continues to be a cause of neonatal deaths. Due to their low birth weight, newborns are particularly vulnerable to hypothermia. Since these babies cannot maintain their body temperature on their own, they require artificial assistance in regulating their body temperature. And when we talk about infant-care equipment, no other equipment can match the versatility of Infant Radiant Warmers.

Mortality rates increase with each degree of temperature loss. Maintaining a stable body temperature is essential to ensure optimal growth and keep caloric expenditure and oxygen consumption minimal.

Radiant warmers are overhead heating units that provide a large amount of radiant heat energy to infants. These devices also reduce conductive heat losses by creating a warm microenvironment surrounding the baby. Also known as the open care system, this device was developed as an open incubator to provide easy access to critical infants from all sides.

Infant Radiant Warmers Vs Infant Incubators-

While both devices are used to maintain the body temperature of newborns, they have their own set of diverse functionalities.

  • As mentioned earlier, Infant radiant warmers are nothing but open incubators that are designed to provide easy access to infants without disturbing the thermal environment. While incubators provide a stable and safe environment for the babies.
  • The minimal oxygen consumption of a newborn in a radiant warmer is almost similar or slightly higher than, that of an infant in an incubator.
  • In comparison to incubators, the distribution of heat loss in radiant warmers is considerably different.
  • The closed enclosure of infant incubators provides greater control over the ambient temperature around the infant. It also protects the baby from airborne irritants and allergens.
  • Radiant warmers enhance convective and evaporative heat loss, as well as insensible water loss, but they reduce radiant heat loss.

In either an incubator or a radiant warmer, most infants are made sure to be provided with adequate care.

Radiant heat warmers, being an integral part of NICUs, are required to be procured from authorized sellers with promised maintenance and post-purchase services.

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