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Endovision System

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HD Camera


LED Light Source

Fibre Optic Cable

Hand Instruments

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Veress Needle
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Trocar with Cannula
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Flip on Reducers for Trocar 

Reduction Sleeve for Trocar 

Dissecting Forceps Maryland
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Laparoscopy Curved Scissor
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Atraumatic Forceps
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Traumatic Forceps

Bowel Holding Forceps

Claw Forceps / Gall Bladder Extractor

Stone Removal Forceps

2 Way suction with Cannula
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Monopolar Electrode - 'L'Hook
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Monopolar Electrode - Spatula
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Monopolar Electrode - Needle

Bhandarkar's Knot Pusher with Reducer
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Port Closure Needle

Clip Applying Forceps
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Monopolar Cable

Bipolar Forceps
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Bipolar Maryland Forceps
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Bipolar cable

Suture Passer

Needle Holder Axial Handle Curve Jaw

Fan Refractor

Other Equipment

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CO2 Insufflator

Energy Device

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