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Akino Medical


Akino Medical is a leading manufacturer of Minimal Invasive surgery products that can prove to be ahead of competition, highest quality standards, utmost customer satisfaction and ethics in business. Akino visualization systems incorporate superior Japanese technology as critical components are designed and manufactured in Japan. Final assembly is completed in Singapore enabling them to provide prompt service globally as it enjoys proximity to Asia Pacific, Middle East and European markets.


Akino manufactures innovative Endoscopy vision Systems with all technology platforms right from 2 MP to 4 K cameras to cover requirements of simple to advanced Endoscopic surgeries. Cutting edge Japanese camera technology offers many unique features for Akino products.


Akino core values revolve around:


1) High product Quality: It is Akino’s first and foremost policy to produce and deliver high quality products to customers. Akino is proud of its R&D Engineers who are dedicatedly striving for continuous product improvements. Hardware, software and coding is developed in house.


2) After sales service: Akino provides customers and distributors with highest standards of after-sales service and ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Akino has sound training policy for distributors so that they can keep their customers happy.


3) Statutory and Regulatory Requirements: While making technical advancements to compete in the global market, Akino always ensures that the products are certified, safe for use, efficient and conforming to the local and international statutory and regulatory requirements. Akino has ISO 13495, HSA Singapore and valid CE certification.


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