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Metron Biomedics

Metron Biomedics

We as ‘Metron Biomedics’ manufacturer of Electro surgery Machines and Advance Vessel Sealing machine since year 2011. We are in the medical field with the aim of establishing the company graph and achieving new height every day with increasing customer base.

We believe in quality of product that would speak of us, thus great emphasis has been laid to achieve this goal and to prove complete solution provider for your medical systems.

The Electro surgery machine is used to stop bleeding during Laproscopic as well as open surgery, helping prevents blood loss. Using this shortens the time necessary for each surgery which allows more surgeries to be performed in a day. The new machines caused less cell damage therefore causing the patient less pain.

It is used for surgical application which the cutting of the tissue is done with the help of RF isolated current. Alongwith cutting the process of coagulation (stop the bleeding) is done simultaneously and smoothing. Cautary have a wider application in various surgical application including laproscopy, cvts,neuro,plastic, gynae, ent, ortho, onco surgery etc.

We were manufacturing a different types of machines model for different surgeries. Latest we have launch a touch screen software in our m/c which is fully upgraded.

Technological consideration:

We used recent innovative technology in domestics and international market to produce the end product. We used advanced software in our machines which is microcontroller measures the tissue impedance and automatically stop the output power.

Our machines have upgrade technology by using rs-232 connector.

This machine are used in corporate as well as nursing home hospitals, without this machines surgeon can not operate patient.

Nowadays surgeons need a fully upgraded machines i.e vessel sealing machines and underwater bipolar TUR-P machines. This types of machines saved the surgeons operative time and patient has recover very fast.

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