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Why Should A Budding Doctor, Small-Sized Hospital, Or Rural Healthcare Setup Invest In A Refurbished Endovision System?

BY HOSPITALBUY March 9, 2023 Uncategorized

Although there was initial scepticism about minimally invasive procedures, the integration with Endovision improved the quality of vision and compensated for the loss of tactile sensation. This established the legitimacy and usefulness of laparoscopic procedures in day-to-day practice.

The precision, flexibility, and control of laparoscopic procedures have made it a choice of method for diagnosis and treatment amongst doctors. The perks of reduced pain, shorter hospital stays, and fewer complications have drastically increased patient preference and demand for such procedures.

However, providing this advanced technology to the large cost-sensitive patient pool has always been a huge challenge. [1,2,3] Restricting its usage only by large-scale urban hospitals and established doctors. To overcome these barriers refurbished version of the Endovision system is available, which ensures:

  • Affordability: As technology evolves, medical equipment must be constantly upgraded in healthcare setups. Frequently this upgradation needs to be accomplished with limited financial resources. A refurbished Endovision System is a much cheaper option, making the high-end equipment affordable for budding doctors, small-sized hospitals, and rural setups. The reduced equipment cost also allows hospitals to offer these advanced facilities to the patients at economical charges, increasing patient acceptability and flow, especially for the lower-income group.
  • Durability: Each refurbished Endovision System is reconditioned and repaired to restore its original effectiveness and safety. After this, experts rigorously evaluate it for quality and performance. Thus, only premium quality, durable products that will last for a long time are sold to the customers.
  • Reliability: Finding spare parts and an onsite technician to handle repairs is a big problem. A retailer, manufacturer, or third-party customer who provides proper post-sales services such as training, repair, and upgrades is necessary for a hassle-free experience.
  • User Comfort: Doctors frequently find a specific model of the Endovision System that works well in their clinical settings but eventually breaks down. By ordering an as-good-as-new refurbished version of the same old model, the inconvenience of using the worn-out machine is eliminated. In addition, the time-consuming learning curve associated with operating a new machine is also avoided.
  • Environment Sustainability: The negative environmental impact due to the large amount of hospital waste generated is a matter of concern worldwide. Refurbished Endovision System minimizes toxic and electronic waste generated. It conserves natural resources required to manufacture new equipment, making it an even more eco-friendly option.

The refurbished version of the Endovision system thus offers the best balance of high quality and low cost.

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