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Minimal Access Operations With 3D Endovision System Vs Ultra-HD 4K Endovision System: Which Is Right for You?

BY HOSPITALBUY January 17, 2023 Uncategorized

As we enter the modern day, we are witnessing the dawn of contemporary trends where surgical procedures are often being performed through minimal access techniques. The use of such techniques has resulted in shorter recovery times and decreased postoperative morbidity.1

Earlier, certain drawbacks including two-dimensional vision and inferior quality of images were seen more often as compared to that observed in open surgery. To overcome these obstacles, various technologies have produced gradual penetration of 3D and 4K systems into the clinical arena. 1

While we compare the two, several studies and systematic reviews show faster execution of tasks in 3D systems than 4K systems. However, 4K resolution monitors & 2D rendering provide higher-quality visuals. 2

Figure A & B3 show isthmectomy with the 3D and 4K-UHD systems, respectively

4K systems have a 4-fold higher resolution than 3D systems as the images produced on 4K monitors show enhanced depth perception and produce more accurate colors than HD images. 3

The 4K system also supports both 10- and 5-mm endoscopic cameras, which can monitor output of up to 55 inches. In addition, the advanced structure of the CCD camera and the high color density, up to 30 billion, minimizes screen darkening during surgical procedures.3

4K resolution provides a much higher level of detail and clarity compared to standard 1080p HD displays, which can be especially important when working on small and delicate structures of the body. 

Nonetheless, 3D technology is likely to perform better than the 4K as far as the parameters of time taken, error rate, and workload are concerned.

Several studies in the clinical settings are in favor of 3D technology except for a few that show higher visual side effects, which should be taken into consideration given the longer duration of surgeries.

Lastly, we can say that 3D technology has better efficiency of movement as compared to the 4K systems, but the concerns of visual side effects should not be ignored.

Overall, endovision surgical systems are an important tool in the field of minimally invasive surgery, and they continue to evolve and improve as technology advances. Access unlimited videos of laproscopic surgery performed using endovision system on Meditorch’s CME World and learning platform – LapGuru.  (

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