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9 Reasons Why All Surgical Hospitals Are Setting Up Modular Operation Theatres -- Explained!

BY HOSPITALBUY September 3, 2022 Uncategorized

In any hospital, operating rooms require the most integrated function along with environment, safety of facilities, equipment, and devices. Besides, it should also ensure a comfortable working environment for the surgical staff from the viewpoint of human engineering.

Modular Operation Theatre is a breakthrough in the healthcare industry, satisfying all those conditions and incorporating all necessary functions. Over the last few decades Hospitals and medical institutions have been slowly shifting to Modular OT to provide an operating environment with high work ability and enough function.

What is Modular OT?
A Modular Operating Theatre is a prefabricated operating room built within the premises of a surgical department of a hospital. It is based on a modern concept where all innovative and advanced technology is available to provide a sterile working environment and highest quality care to patients.

In last few decades, this facility has gained popularity, offering the hospitals an ideal solution to optimize their surgical services.

Features of Modular Operation Theatre

If you think about operation theatres in a whole new way, you should consider Modular Operation Theatres (MOT) with its most innovative facility in the surgical field. A Modular OT broadly involves use of prefabricated wall panel and ceiling with laminar flow system, hermetically sealed doors, anti-static flooring and much more. These advancements, not commonly seen in conventional OTs make modular OT a much-preferred option for hospitals.

Here are top 9 reasons why hospitals are eager to setup a Modular Operation Theatre:

  1. Laminar Air Flow (LAF)
    Modular OT design includes an inbuilt air purification system that ensures a supply of fresh air to the operating area. Its main function is to reduce the number of harmful microorganisms by generating a continuous flow of bacteria-free air. Inside the operation theatre, the air passing through the exhaust comes to the inbuilt unit and passes through HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters for purification. The pure air is then sent to the OT room with specified velocity and required air changes per hour.
  2. Anti-bacterial Wall & Ceiling Structure
    The wall and ceiling panels are made from various materials such as acrylic solid surface, glass, painted stainless steel and hybrid material, PCGI panels which have bacteriostatic properties. This ensures 24-hour protection against bacteria, fungi, and mold. The PGCI panels are made up of joint-free structure and are easy to install, clean and maintain.
  3. Automatic Hermetically Sliding Doors
    The doors of Modular OT are equipped with sensors with electronic automation to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination. They are designed and customized for restricted entry and to keep the atmosphere in control. These automated doors can be installed with different types of switches, sensors, and displays in various partition systems based on the hospital’s requirements.
  4. All-In-One OT Control Panel
    It is an electronic and comprehensive control panel that contains all controls of the operation theatre. This OT integrated Control Station can display – positive air pressure, temperature control, humidity, LAF parameters, 6 Gas alarms, ambient and OT light control, stopwatch (provided to measure actual surgery time) and much more.
  5. Surgery Recording System
    Modular OT comes with this unique feature of surgery recording system where two cameras are provided for simultaneous recording during the surgery. Recording can be done in HD-quality that is integrated with hospital LAN network, DICOM converter and viewer.
  6. Pendant System
    In a typical Modular OT setup, a wall mounted pendant is installed that ensures hygiene and allows surgical staff to work in a wire-free environment. Wide range of pendants equipped with all necessary world class equipment are available for surgery and anesthesia. Pendants can be supplied with double arm, single arm or fixed and they provide:

    • Medical gases supply to equipment
    • Electrical power supply
    • Data points
    • Shelves for som e equipment
    • Drawers for accessories
    • Support arms for mounting monitors, pumps, etc.
    • Mounting of Medical Devices and others
  7. Patient Data Management
    Modular OT offers an integrated OT suite that enables the storage of large amounts of patient information as the system is centralized and requires no repetition of patient entry. The system monitor can display today’s planned surgeries with its real time status throughout the day. This can also be used to view patient reports with recorded surgeries.
  8. High Voltage Equipment And Remote Cabinet
    In modular OT setup, all high voltage equipment is installed in a separate enclosure positioned away, allowing maintenance to be carried out with minimum disturbance. There is a special facility of a remote cabinet that consists of operating lamp transformers, remote relay card, electrical distribution equipment and circuit protection equipment for all circuits within the operating theatre.
  9. Pressure Relief Damper
    Pressure relief dampers are installed in each room to prevent cross contamination of air from clean and dirty areas. Suitable sized air pressure relief damper is strategically placed, enabling differential room pressure to be maintained. In the OT, a counterweight balancing system is present that maintains positive pressure inside the operation room.Hence, modular OT is an outcome of continued research performed to justify and fulfil the fundamental requirements such as hygiene, cleanliness, featured humidity, and the controlled temperature. With so many benefits, MOT can make your hospital stand out from the crowd.

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In addition, our product specialists provide OT designed advisory, OT process and guidelines, HIMS plug-in and a customized design layout for a perfect modular OT setup. If you have been considering transforming your OT for a modular makeover, contact us now!

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