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Dr. Pisat’s Visual Vasopressor Injector: A Quantum Leap for Safe Laparoscopic Surgeries!

BY HOSPITALBUY October 13, 2022 Uncategorized

One of the critical steps during any surgery is administering vasoconstrictor/vasopressor agents such as vasopressin. It is a standard practice to inject these agents during laparoscopic or any other surgical procedures that causes temporary shrinkage of blood vessels to minimize the blood loss. In addition, it also causes intra-operative changes in pulse, blood pressure and rarely some adverse events.

The major drawback in laparoscopic procedures is visibility, because of which the use of the vasoconstrictor agent can pose a huge risk. If it accidentally enters the blood vessels, instead of around the vessel, it may cause life-threatening cardiovascular complications such as rhythmic disturbances, cardiac arrest, or even permanent paralysis.

Earlier, there were certain ways used for aspiration such as regular aspiration technique, but they were not effective in cutting down the risks of inadvertent puncture.

A Standard injection needle is generally used in regular method which is completely opaque in its entire length. If the tip of this needle has accidently punctured a blood vessel, blood maybe present in the needle but is not seen as the needle is opaque.

The blood column must ascend thought the length of the needle and only then the blood is seen within the syringe. This is possible only when a large vessel is puncture whereas it is difficult to detect in cases of small vessel punctures.

However, recently Dr. Sanket Pisat, a renowned gynecological endoscopic surgeon practicing in Mumbai has come up with a solution to this problem. He has invented and patented, a Visual Vasopressor Injection Needle (VVIN) that addresses this issue.

This injector plays a key role in enabling the surgeon to detect an inadvertent vascular puncture during aspiration, even in a small caliber blood vessel, and with much more sensitivity than a regular needle. This increases patient safety during injection of the agent and reduces the chance of catastrophic complications.

This innovative device works on a simple mechanism. As the name suggests, the visual injector, has a transparent terminal portion (window) through which the blood stain can be seen as soon as the needle punctures a blood vessel. The needle can then immediately be withdrawn and repositioned. This helps in identifying inadvertent puncture into a blood vessel and avoid the entry of drug in the circulation.

Here are the steps to be follow while using the VVIN injector:

  • Insert the loaded VVIN in abdominal cavity through any standard port.
  • Slowly insert the needle tip in the tissues.
  • Gently apply negative pressure (aspiration).
  • Look for blood stains in the transparent window.
  • If blood is visible, withdraw and flush the needle.
  • Again, pierce in other operating area and aspirate.
  • If the needle is not in a vessel lumen, the aspiration will show clear fluid and vasopressin can be safely injected.

Remember, the solution should be injected only after confirming that no blood is seen in the window.

This simple but unique invention by Dr. Pisat has been approved and published internationally with a registered trademark. The needle has also been termed by the International Society for Gynecological Endoscopy (ISGE) to be “a significant progress in the laparoscopic management of fibroids” and has recommended its use to the international community worldwide.

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